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For me, Four Dogs Music is not just your average 'mail order' and place to buy all your favourite independent artists' latest releases - Though you can of course and i heartily recommend people choose Four Dogs Music to purchase from the wide range of items available. And here's why: The people behind Four Dogs Music are truly inspirational. Their commitment, support and passion for independent music and musicians such as myself is so appreciated. It's got to be said that politics in music is not always considered fashionable. Songs of protest, of social issues or with a political message or hope for a better world are rarely flavour of the month. Yet, at Four Dogs Music, they don't worry about fickle trends and 5 minute fashions. They constantly champion and support artists who are sharing their ideas, music and songs of justice and peace around the world. And Four Dogs Music is a rare and exceptional company in that they not only share those aims but they actively promote and help work towards a better and fairer world for all that live on it and in it. And that for me is inspirational. Long may they continue.

Chris Butler,