Four Dogs Music was launched in September 2006 by people with a great love of music and a passion to see a fairer world for all its inhabitants.
We support independent music, made by independent musicians with whom we share a vision of a better world.

The main emphasis of Four Dogs Music has always been on music with a message and which tackles some of the many political and social issues of the day. Celebrating past victories and reminding us of lessons hard learnt.

Of course not all music need have a political dimension, good music has immense value in itself and enriches all of our lives and we are happy to stock some mainstream titles.

But for us, quality music with a political or social dimension is about as good as it gets and raises the music to another level.  To that end we are constantly on the look out for new titles to add to Four Dogs Music and the talents and commitment of musicians from around the world continually inspires us.