New Hard Time Blues - Low Tide Drifters

£8.95 (£7.46 ex. vat)
A pro-labor, radical working-class folk band from Eugene, Oregon.
With a host of traditional instruments and carefully crafted lyrics, the Low Tide Drifters create original roots-based songs that reflect the struggles of working people in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Influenced by Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, Alistair Hulett, and other socially conscious folksingers from all over the world, they bring a respect for the past and concern for the future to their music.
Since forming in 2007, the Low Tide Drifters have played everywhere from large folk festivals to radical, worker-owned coffee houses. They have also performed at dozens of benefit concerts for human rights organizations, labor unions, and activist groups.
"Every Stitch," the band's rallying cry for labor rights in the garment industry, was featured on the first episode of RadioLabour's GET UP! show along with music by Robb Johnson and The Workers. Other songs by the Low Tide Drifters have been played on numerous radio programs and featured on websites.
£8.95 (£7.46 ex. vat)
Artist Low Tide Drifters
Genre American Folk, Folk/Folk Rock, Politics and Struggle
Release Date 2011
Number of discs 1
Label Low Tide Drifters
Track Listing

1/ New Hard Time Blues listen
2/ Lincoln County Blues
3/ The Common Voice listen
4/ The Garden
5/ Every Stitch listen
6/ Trail Bride
7/ Helping Amy Move (to Seattle)
8/ Sweet William
9/ Broken Bootstraps listen
10/ A Prayer for Josseline
11/ St. James Infirmary

  • Solidarity and simplicity at its best!

    We love the LTD folks! They are real people with sincere, grounded world views who happen to be immensely talented musicians. A Low Tide Drifter show will leave the listener inspired and smiling, happy to know there're still people on this parched planet fighting the good fight and walking their musical path with as much integrity as possible, every step of the way.

    "New Hard Times" is a beautifully hewn album we come back to time and again for another listen. Kate's got an Iris Dement lilt to her voice that's very endearing, while Nathan's songwriting is full of hooks about real life in the shoes of working-class America. Throw in an adroit cast of supporting musicians and you've got a dead-ringer for a debut album here. We hope this is the first of many more recordings from this band down the road.

    Reviewed by Basho Parks on 20/11/2012
    Low Tide Drifters Make Retro Refitted Music for the Recession Era

    Low Tide Drifters eddy through the musical past with fine-fingered aplomb, reaching back not merely to the topical lefty and labor friendly fare of Woody Guthrie and Phil Ochs but to literary sources as well. In their mini-epochs, one can sense a dollop of John Dos Passos, a wink and nod to Nelson Algren, a tip of the raggedy hat to Jack London and Stephen Crane, even perhaps a bit of Walt Whitman tucked in the lining of their still-wet northwest clothes. This is legacy music, heritage worn on the heart, a living past rejuvenated in frank acoustic wanderings; meanwhile, their craft and style never give up on gutsy sincerity. This album represents the well-worn path made newly focused with stark finesse.

    Reviewed by David Ensminger on 20/11/2012
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